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4 Characters in your Sales Team – Is your sales superstar a diva?


Sales rep archtypes in your sales team

The Diva: He is young, loud, extroverted and you can feel his presence when he enters the room. His charismatic attitude fulfills every team with an additional kick of motivation, energy and competition. He isnt shy to show off his closing skills and successes. In most cases he will be  one of your strongest characters in your team. He screams when he gets rejected but will find ways to win the deal in the end. But be careful with his big ego, it needs to be nurtured and to bring him to the next level mentor him and set clear rules and processes for him, he needs guidance even if he doesnt think he needs them. You goal is to bring his full potential out.  He will be mostly likely a lonely wolve, something drives him to reach and exceeds targets. (see resources for a commission model that fits) . Make sure his targets are high enough to stay challenged. Keep him on track and motivated. He will be the one that hits targets even if it seems to be unreachable for the rest of the team.


The Silent closer – the soldier: He is not crazily charismatic but has his own style of doing sales and closing deals. He could have great passion for the product, technical expertise or a great skill set how to relate to your clients in a different way than the diva or soldier type. He needs a mentor and consistent training as he is hungry for knowledge and experience. A long term career plan is his way up the ladder for him, not quick success but due to his consistency he wins the race.  Every sales team needs one of these archetypes as he is great for your long-term planning ( he can be a good number 2 or subteam leader). He is a perfect fit for every team and a great team player. He will be loyal and thankful for every minute you invest to train or enhance his skills, or show him new ways how to sell or decrease the time to convert a client.


The loud and toxic narcissist: Very similar characteristic than the diva but within a couple of weeks or month you will realize that he is lacking integrity and negativity will influence the rest of the team. He will try destroy every vision you try to create for the rest of the team or firm. He is lacking empathy and could demotivate other team members , when he is not performing well and blame the product, the leadership or company for his own failures.  Its everyone else fault but not his own. Hire fast but fire faster is the credo here otherwise you will loose loyal team members and sales.

The faker that hopes until he makes it: He was great in the interview, hungry, knowledgeable, amazing performance in his previous company and promises to bring massive amount of value to your firm within short time. It looks like the best and easiest decision ever to hire him. After a couple of weeks you realize his plan and skills , compared to CV doesn’t add up.  On the first sight he seems to be a mixture of the diva and your soldier, but shortly you realize, he is very sure of himself but can not back it up with knowledge or sales/conversion. Training and further mentor-ship, together with a clear  action and training plan how he can offer more value to your firm as a result within 1-2 months can help here, otherwise you need to let him go as you could have spent this money rather on 2 soldiers or a diva.



Sales Process B2C Lead

Sales funnel and process to penetrate a B2C Lead in Online Brokerage

New Acquisition Sales Procedure:
Target Call rate:
● 100 Calls/Dials per day or 2,5 Hours time spent on the phone
Balance your efforts across Demo leads/Applicants/Accounts/Retention and you should be effectively using “My Tasks” within Sales Force to manage your pipeline.
1.1 How to work on leads?
● 1st Lead assignment to CR:
Within 1 Day of the lead creation date/lead assignment call client. KYC Questions, so we know if they are a Novice Trader or Experienced (notes in the Sales Force CRM System about call topicsmade or attempted call essential). Send email with contact details and further information.
● 2nd After 4-7 Days Follow up Call:
Sales Speech more aggressive to figure out what the clients need to be ready to open real
account, discuss Premium Products and increase of deposit
● 3rd After 10- 14 Days Follow up Call
Sales Speech
● 4th After 17-21 Days Follow Up call
Every Prospect in my experience 70% will open a Live Account after this Period

Sales Closed/Account Opened:
● 1st Welcome call after within 1 day, confirm client received login details and funding
●2nd follow up call 1 week after account is open if the client has not started to trade
1.12 Correspondence recording

All correspondence with a prospect or client must be logged within the Sales Force CRM as follows;

Demo Leads
Into call: First call to client within 1 day of lead assignment.
Demo1 call, Demo2 call… etc (3,4,5…): All follow up calls to convert client to an account
Welcome call: 1st call to new account holder
Funding call: call to encourage client to fund their account
Follow up call: all relationship building calls

Every Call must be followed by an email and sent from

1.2 Lead conversion; Your target conversion rate 35%, latest to convert a lead is 4-weeks. All leads that haven’t been converted within 1.5 Months beginning from the headofsalesde logocreation/assigned date by the Sales/CR will be distributed to the rest of the sales team.