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3 Reasons why your Offline Event sucks and has no ROI !



Recently i went to various offline event more specifically tradeshows / trade fairs and what i realized again is that just because the company spent a high amount of money on the amazing big booth, designed by specialist, branding, event sponsorship and promotion girls does not automatically mean it has actually any value or increase ROI or generates and good prospects nor leads.

Reason 1: Preparation

Key to make your offline event and trade fair a success is choose the right spot for your booth , where the majority of potential prospects swing by and actually have a chance to see you and speak to you.  Your booth does not need to big fancy and big, focus on the key message and pain points of the perfect prospect you want to have and make business with. You do not want to collect the biggest amount of business cards that do not have any actual value for you to follow up . What you want is generate a decent amount of actual qualified leads so that almost conversation of prospects that visit  your booth can become amazing leads that you can follow up on when the event is over, even better book in appointments with them for the time after the event so they wont forget your company. Offer some free value as example a free valuation of their pain points or challenges their business currently has . Find reasons why they should speak to you and looking forward to speak to you after the event.


Reason 2: Strategy

Focus your attention on things that makes your target audience want to speak to you.  Your booth wants to spark attention and interest, keep it simple it ! Handful of claims needs to be placed on your booth design that needs to make the people to stop where they want to go and find out what your company is about. If the event is packed with presentations and workshops/seminars potential client wont have time to stop by , you need to find the excuses they need to invest their valuable time at your stand.  One of the biggest mistakes i see is that exhibitors do not book speaking slots. Your biggest ROI is to get a speaking slot even if cost more then your 1600EUR booth , the 30 minute interactive speaking lot will spark more interest in the crowd then any promotion girl. Capture the audience in the presentation , do not focus to much on selling your product, focus on adding valuable content to the crowd, so they want to speak to you later at your booth/ after the presentation . So at the end of your speaking slot you just need to tell them where to find you and pick up the conversation where you left the presentation

Reason 3 Nothing is Happening

The masses are passing by your booth and no one stops to speak to you or is just their to pick up the freebies. Simply you missed out to focus on the crowd. Even better than speaking slots is get a big TV and a engaging external speaker/presenter directly to present valuable content at your booth ( if you are allowed to have a MIC and speakers even better). The crowd will automatically stop at your booth to see what this speaker is about to share with them and within minutes the first 3-5 people will stop and listen to you speaker, shortly after your booth will be crowded. Everyone will want to know why people are standing their and stop and start listening to your speaker. As soon as the speaker makes a couple of minutes break you sales representatives need to use this unique opportunity to get to know the audience and make a lasting impact. Now is the chance to actually qualify prospects and you generate high quality leads. High quality conversation together with the face to face meeting will lead to a massive increase in selling the client after the event. You stood out of the crowd and iam convinced that now your ROI is multiple times higher than you 1600EUR spend on the booth.

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